DNS Security Solutions

About the Company

Founded in 2008, Defence Intelligence is an Ottawa based information security firm specializing in advanced malware protection.

Perhaps best known for discovering and dismantling the Mariposa botnet, Defence Intelligence has received international acclaim and been awarded the Global Hero Award by the Digital Crimes Consortium.

A passionate group of security experts, Defence Intelligence combines global threat data, research partnerships, analysis and proprietary tools and techniques to provide the most effective and advanced malware protection solutions available.

Our team members are regularly featured as experts on television and in print.

  • CNN
  • ABC
  • BBC
  • NBC
  • CBC
  • Fox
  • Wall Street Journal
  • USA Today
  • Washington Post
  • Globe and Mail
  • National Post

Why We're Doing This

IT Security is broken. Billions are spent every year with little in the way of results. The good guys aren't just losing, they're almost irrelevant.

Technology alone isn't the answer. The solution must be practical, manageable, affordable, easy to implement, and able to respond rapidly to change. Defence Intelligence combines technical advancements with business relevance to offer the best bang for the security buck available.

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