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As an update to my previous post on GreenAV, it seems that they are still trying to “Save the green forests of Amazonia” by having you install rogue antivirus.

MaCatte is the newest rogue AV to appear and has ties to the GreenAV software that was recently promoted , all the websites sharing the same IP

In fact, going to will take you to the MaCatte homepage. MaCatte, like so many other rogue AVs, runs fake scans on the machine and advises the user that the machine is infected, and that they will gladly remove the infections as long as one pays to register the product for $99. Macatte is propagating in the same manner as GreenAV through torrent sites, website redirection and freeware.

MaCatte seems to be attempting to ride the coat tails of McAfee, with the similar name, logo and also similar website design. Included features on the site are a lovely challange-response captcha in the support section to ensure that the support requests are generated by an actual person and not a machine. There is a “Latest Threads Detected” box that lists a few common threats such as Conficker, and if you actually want to buy the product for $99 there is a link to’s payment processing. (At the time of writing, the order page at was currently unavailable.) It would be interesting to see stats on how many people actually land on that payment page for MaCatte. is a company that offers payment processing for online businesses and takes a commission rate from each sale. Your own conclusions can be drawn regarding Plimus’ track record after reading Google’s Safe Browsing diagnostic page for Plimus also the reviews on Web of Trust. Norton did have the site flagged as unsafe for selling key logger software but has since changed its rating to safe. Also, the Plimus site does show a McAfee and Verisign Secure logo at the bottom of their page. I am unsure at this time if the Plimus website is in fact MaCatte secure or not.

MaCatte offers to detect, block, and remove viruses, spyware and rootkits with a quick scan. The program also has an anti-phishing component that is supposed to warn you before accessing dangerous scam websites like their own. The feature that looks the most interesting is the Identity Protection. “Let’s you shop, bank and trade online safely by asking permission before personally identifiable information like PIN’S, Bank accounts, Social Security numbers are sent from your machine.” I do not believe the effectiveness or honesty behind these statements.

Currently there are no removal tools readily available to the public, but for now you are able to do a system restore back to a `pre-infection` restore point. Although there have been reports that MaCatte has added a feature to block attempts to do a system restore. So if you are infected with MaCatte Rogue AV, you might as well reformat.

MaCatte is just another rendition of Rogue Antivirus using fake scans and scareware tactics to con people into paying for their software while selling off their information as an added bonus. But hey, they do have a refund policy.

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