7 Security Resolutions for 2012

I have spoken before about how we in the security industry need to spend less time talking amongst ourselves and more time trying to educate the average computer user.  The following 7 security resolutions for 2012 are part of that pledge.

For anyone in the industry, there is nothing new here.  Having said that, security experts are just as guilty as most when it comes to some of the basics.  Do you really use a unique password everywhere? Have you never clicked on a shortened link?

We often talk about being proactive and not reactive.  Now is the chance to practice what we preach. We created the following hoping that people would send it to that aunt that keeps forwarding the powerpoint slideshows.  That friend on messenger that keeps getting “hacked”.   Instead of helping them clean up their infested computers when it’s too late, maybe we can help keep them from being compromised in the first place.


Happy New Year!