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proudly sponsored CounterMeasure|2012 this year and found it lived up to all our

The quality of the event was impressive, especially considering it was its
first year, and drew in attendees, presenters and vendors from across Canada
and the U.S. It was of course great to meet up with colleagues and old friends, but having a conference like this in Canada’s capital is not just important. It’s necessary.

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews says Canada is going to take cyber security seriously, with budget additions and action plans, but there is more to it than that, and alliances and cooperation have to take place outside governments as well. That’s where conferences like CounterMeasure come in, uniting the right minds in security to bring about wide-scale change. Sometimes this starts with the basics.

Some of the CounterMeasure presentations we attended and discussions we participated in were focused on the need for organizations to focus on security fundamentals such as IDS and network segmentation. Other conversations and talks were about the need for collaboration or the scope of the war waged between security professionals on both sides of the game. Some talks drilled down into the details of malware analysis and it was all received very well by the attending community.

were a good number of people to connect with over the two days. Good number as
in you weren’t lost in a sea of people but instead had the opportunity to meet
with everyone there. There was the time and space to have a meaningful conversation
and talk about new theories, analysis as well as current events that are making
the news.
put a good face on this call for change in security by addressing the current needs and
drawing a broad section of security focused executives, managers and technical
engineers to join in and expand the conversation.
look forward to sponsoring, participating and meeting with you at

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Tell the world!

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