Defence Intelligence celebrates 100% client retention rate.

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It’s been just over two years since we relaunched Defence Intelligence and I took over as CEO.  In that time, we’ve shifted our focus from discovering and identifying malware in the wild to the prevention and detection of malware for medium sized business to large enterprises.  It’s been challenging in a number of ways.  As with any small business, we’ve seen our share of bumps in the road.  We’ve made mistakes, but we’ve grown and we’ve gotten better.  
In the past two years we’ve seen our core product Nemesis, go from a great concept to a great solution.  We’ve added all of the great tools and techniques that we had been talking about for so long.  Nemesis has transformed from a product to a true security service.  
The best evidence of this I can provide is the fact that every single one of our clients who have joined us in the past two years has chosen to renew their service with us.  While we always knew that we had a great service, it’s reassuring to know that our clients agree with us.  The fact that they continue to see value for their money and continue to rely on us to protect their data and their reputation is heartening.  
Despite all the improvements to our service though, I think the greatest progress we’ve made has been in our focus and dedication to our clients.  Finding new malware and new exploits is fun.  Going after the bad guys is fun.  Getting all kinds of media attention a la Mariposa is fun.  The question we now focus on though, is does it help our clients?
We discover botnets on a regular basis; frankly there’s enough of them out there that you can’t help but trip over them.   But now before we go running down the rabbit hole, we ask ourselves one simple question: “how much does this benefit our clients?”.
Research is always going to be a big part of what we do as a security firm. We need to stay on top of what’s happening, and we need to stay a step ahead of both the bad guys and our competitors.  What’s changed for us is that we now focus our research on things that will have the greatest impact on our clients.  
I am truly grateful to all of our clients.  They are why we’re here.  We want to be the best security company in the world.  Not by having the most complex solution available, not by getting our names in the press daily, but by consistently coming through for our clients.  Protecting them, working with them, helping them do their jobs better.  That’s what we continue to focus on.
I couldn’t be more proud of our team for the hard work and dedication they’ve shown over the last couple of years.  I can think of no better acknowledgement than every one of our clients choosing to continue working with us.  I promise that we will do our best to earn their trust every day and to be worthy of the faith they’ve placed in us.
Keith Murphy

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