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Is one of your resolutions for 2013 to remain
current with security information and connected with security professionals? Then
one event you’ll want to include in your schedule is the Canadian Security
Partners’ Forum’s second annual Women in Security Lecture Series. The event will
be hosted in Ottawa, ON at the Hampton Inn and Conference Centre on Thurs Feb 7
at 5:30PM.
The CSPF is committed to creating a meeting place
for all disciplines and domains within security, including national security,
defence, law enforcement, public sector, private sector and public safety. Last
year more than 300 in the security profession came out, with almost an even
split of women (55%) and men (45%).
The confirmed speakers list includes:
  • Dr. Alison Wakefield
  • Senior
    Professor in Security and Risk Management at the Institute of Criminal Justice
    Studies, University of Portsmouth
  • Director
    of the Academic Board at the Security Institute
  • Serves
    on the editorial boards of Security Journal and Police Practice and Research
  • Her
    influential publications on criminology and law enforcement include: Selling
    Security: The Private Policing of Public Space; The
    Sage Dictionary of Policing; and Ethical
    and Social Perspectives on Situational Crime Prevention 

Natalie Runyon, MBA, CPP
  • Director,
    Global Security, Thomson Reuters
  • Owner
    of CSO Leadership Training
  • Member
    of the ASIS CSO Roundtable and its Leadership Development Committee
  • Former
    Illicit Transactions Analyst for the Office of Global Security, Goldman Sachs
    with the Central Intelligence Agency

Christina Duffey, CPP
  • Vice
    President, Operations, Paragon Security
  • Former
    President, ASIS Professional Certification Board (PCB)
  • Recognized
    expert in the security field with extensive security operations knowledge and
    expertise in asset protection, physical security, and risk management

Sylvia Fraser, CPP, PMP, CRM, CSPM (Moderator)
  • Corporate
    Security Supervisor, City of Toronto – which requires Sylvia to oversee the Business
    Strategies and Risk Management Office
  • 14
    years of experience in the security industry providing security management,
    security system designs and project management across both government and
    private security endeavours
  • Specializes
    in security risk management programs, portfolio management, and critical

closing comments to this exemplary list of presenters is Colleen D’Iorio,
Executive Director, Security and Identity Management (Treasury Board of Canada
Secretariat). Previously she held the distinguished roles as Director General
Access and Director General Cyber Protection Communications Security Establishment of Canada

Defence Intelligence is proud to be a Diamond Level Sponsor for  CSPF’s Women in Security Lecture Series. We hope to see you there. 

Tickets, which include a full meal, are only $70.
Register today, this event is sure to sell out.
For more details and to register visit:

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CSPF Announces Second Annual Women In Security Lecture Series

The Canadian Security Partners’ Forum (CSPF) is preparing
their second Women in Security Lecture Series to be held Feb 7, 2013. Building
on the momentum of last year’s sold-out-event, CSPF will be hosting the event
at the Hampton Inn, Ottawa, ON. With tickets going on sale just a week ago and nearly
150 tickets already being sold, it looks like they will have another sell out on their hands.  
The main premise of CSPF is to build strong networks and
the Lecture Series is no different. CSPF has partnered with firmly established
and recognized associations including Canadian Women in Technology (CanWIT),
ASIS Women in Security Council, Women in Security Ontario (WiSO), and Key Women
in Security (KeyWIS).
The Lecture Series is dedicated to women in security
mainly as a tribute to the associations that are part of the Series, but the
event is open to both women and men. Last year 45% of attendees were men.

CSPF has been mapping the needs of the cybersecurity and security communities
to build out a comprehensive agenda for the Lecture Series. 
Key topics being
covered at the event include:
  • Cybersecurity
  • Security Risk Management
  • CSO/CISO Training & Education
  • Security & Academia
  • The relationship between security & intelligence
  • Security as a driver of shareholder value
  • Summarizing
    relationship between national security & corporate security

The panel was
specifically selected to represent depth of knowledge as well as breadth of
experience. They will bring their extensive knowledge and compelling experience
(National Security Council, US Department of Energy, Central Intelligence
Agency) to make the discussions both informative and practical.

The list of
elite presenters includes:
    – Founder, CEO, LEG Inc. 
    – Named to Fortune Magazine’s Most Powerful Women
in 2004, 2005 & 2006 
    – Served on the White House National Security
Council (NSC) as Director for Combating Terrorism 
    – Former Director, Office of Emergency Response, US
Department of Energy 
    – Former Acting Director, Office of Weapons Surety,
responsible for the safety and security of the American  
      nuclear weapons program 
    – President and CEO of KDM Analytics; 
    – Author of System Assurance: Beyond Detecting
Vulnerabilities (2011) 
    – 25+ years of experience and leadership in
software and security engineering 
    – Board Member for the Object Management Group
(OMG), an international standard body 
    – Co-Chair, OMG Architecture-Driven Modernization
Task Force and System Assurance Task Force 
    – Member of the SAS Technical Advisory Panel of
National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) 
For more
information and to register visit:

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