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As is often the case, if you want something done and done
well you find someone who is already busy to do it. Security executives are no
exception. They are recognized as competent, successful and fully loaded with
projects and responsibilities. Their list keeps growing with the expanding need
for more and more security steps, measures and processes with the ever-changing
threat landscape.
One recent study by specialty recruiters in the UK,
Randstad, found that most IT technicians and engineers
are working the equivalent of 7.5 day’s work during their typical work week.
They often are working on weekends to fit in the extra hours. They’re receiving
the same pay for doing the work of one and a half staff. The instability of the
economy is causing many to take on the extra work.
One of the best responses to
a maximized schedule is to find tools that will enhance the results while not
adding to the workload. One resource proven to be extremely helpful to
security executives is the Nemesis advanced malware protection service. It allows them to do a health check of their network security with minimal
time and energy commitment.
Nemesis was designed to make
life easier for security executives. It takes less than 20 minutes to

The dashboard offers a quick
view of the number of sites that are used for Command & Control, phishing, fraud, malware distribution and a number of other malicious categories. Each one of these communications is blocked so your data and
system are safe and can’t be used for malicious purposes.
Nemesis also:
  • Protects all
    internet enabled devices, regardless of operating system
  • Prevents malware
    from entering a network
  • Identifies existing
    infiltrated systems on your network
  • Alerts and reports
    on all malicious activity across your network
  • Disables
    communication to Command & Control channels rendering the malware harmless
  • Delivers
    easy to read data in dashboard and report format so remediation can begin

Wondering if Nemesis should be added to your security
team? We’ll help you assess if Nemesis is a good match.
Call us today for a free trial of Nemesis and let us help
you increase your network security without increasing your workload.
Click here to register for a trial or call us 1.877.331.6835 ext 2. 
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