Cyber Security Made Easy – Part 5

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Cyber Security Awareness month is coming to a close. We’ve already touched on
best practices for email and Twitter direct message links, search engine
searches, WiFi, and passwords.  For our
send off of the month, we offer the following final tips: 
  1.       Update
    your antivirus and all other programs (Microsoft, Adobe, Java, etc.) when you
    receive update notifications. (Double check with the software directly that it
    requires an update as rogue pop ups can mislead you into downloading unwanted
  2.       Use
    well formed passwords on your computer, laptop, smart phone, and tablet. Not
    only will this help you avoid being hacked by some cyber-criminal but it can
    also save you from family or friends tweeting or posting how much you love Rick
    Astley. (Don’t ask.)
  3.       Backup
    your data on a regular basis. This can be with an external hard drive or a
    cloud data storage plan. Don’t wait until it’s too late because we WILL say “I
    told you so.”
  4. Angry Birds Space - 082/366
    Angry Birds Space – 082/366 (Photo credit: Frikjan)
  5.    Be
    thoughtful when adding new apps; don’t add unnecessary apps to your phone.  Is it a known trusted source for an app?
    Don’t forget that apps even from trusted sources are used to collect data from
    your laptop, smart phone, and tablet. A recent article in New York Times’ discusses how this is legally still a grey area. Applications that seem so handy and innocent such as  Angry Birds or the one that turns your phone
    into a flashlight, are also collecting personal information, usually the user’s
    location and sex and the unique identification number of the smartphone. What
    is even more unsettling is that “in some cases, they cull information from
    contact lists and pictures from photo libraries.” So think twice before
    downloading that app.

our series so close to Halloween it seems fitting to mention a scary statistic:
In a recent survey by AT&T and the Polytechnic Institute of New York University, 83% of small businesses allow employees to use personal devices for
We hope we’ve contributed to your
awareness of security this all important month. Be sure to use what you’ve
learned here all year-round. Be safe out there. The Internet is a spooky place. Why not check out our complimentary Nemesis trial?  

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