DNS Filtering and Policy Enforcement

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Network Risk Assessment

A global health check for your network with a focus on risk for compromise. Made some changes to your network? Thinking about making some changes? Harbinger will show you the right path.

See your network in a new light.

Harbinger delivers a glimpse into the global health of your network, including a detailed look at network patterns and behaviour, software activity, end user activity, and malicious host communications.

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Know your risk.

Harbinger reveals a lot about what's happening in your network but the focus throughout is risk for compromise by malicious software. Each section of the report has a risk rating associated with it. By knowing your trouble areas you can make necessary changes to protect your network from future compromise.

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Now and Later

Get a Harbinger one-time assessment or a quarterly package to maintain a vigilant, pro active watch over what's happening in your network.

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The Anytime Assessment

One-time or Quarterly

Just added a security tool, changed policy, or brought on new personnel? Get a one-time assessment to see how recent changes have effected your network. Want a periodic check to stay ahead of issues before they arise? Get the quarterly assessment package and know what's going on in your network year round.

Try before you buy

Evaluating your need for policy changes or additional security tools? Assess the situation before making changes. Harbinger will highlight both security and policy needs by showing you exactly what is going on within your network.

Need more than an assessment?

Harbinger is there to inform. Nemesis is there to protect. Clarity will be there to manage. Take a look at our other services to see just what Defence Intelligence can do to help.

Cloud Solution

The hands off risk assessment.

No hardware, no software, no on site personnel to get in your way. Pain free, easy, and without disruption or distraction to you and your network. That's how we do it.

Go live or send DNS logs.

Whatever works for you is easy for us. Point your recursive DNS over to us for a few weeks or log it in advance and then send it our way. Both result in the same detailed assessment of your network.

Hosting without borders

Because we are cloud based you can have your servers pretty much anywhere. Too cloudy for you? We've got data centres too.

The Ins and Outs of Your Network

Keep a watchful eye

Monitor traffic for general network activity, including routing and configuration issues. See malicious activity, threats to your users and your network security. Get detailed user activity to make policy management decisions.

Be well armed

The concise but detailed Harbinger assessment report gives you everything you need to know to make improvements to your network, with summarized information for ease of understanding and detailed findings to know just what's behind all the numbers.

Risk Ratings


It's all about malware.

Know your score so you can make necessary changes to protect your network. See your trouble areas for the network to know where you are at risk for compromise.

Ups and downs

Just added a security tool, changed policy, or brought on new personnel? See how it has affected your network's risk for malware compromise.

Failure is not an option

Want to bring that risk score down? We'll give you recommendations to help and provide you services to make sure that risk score stays down.

Malware & Malicious Activity

Lurking threats

Think it's possible your security tools are missing something? Reveal malware, botnets, and APTs already running on your network. Know for sure if you've been compromised and get systems cleaned up to prevent data loss or public exposure of a breach.

Out with the old

See if it's time to add or replace security tools. Spot the network traffic for Command and Control (C&C) locations, sites Hosting Malware and Exploits, Phishing, Fraud, etc. Then easily transition from Harbinger to Nemesis for ongoing protection from all malware and malicious activity.


Network Insights


What you didn't know

Discover routing and software misconfigurations. See what internal queries are reaching the Internet, wasting bandwidth and creating possible vulnerabilities.

You're still here?

Find software that is calling home to outdated update locations and reveal software that shouldn't even be running on your network.


Map out your network traffic across the globe. You might be shocked. By knowing where your traffic goes in the world and what the traffic relates to you can make better choices for policy changes and geographic traffic restrictions.

Policy Details

Working hard or hardly working

Reveal how much of your traffic is business related versus leisure. Show what percentage of your traffic is for entertainment or socializing instead of necessary business activity.

Pest control

Discover adware, torrent activity, proxy usage, adult and gambling traffic. Get in front of the activity that is against company policy and see who is trying to go around your existing policies with proxy usage.

Sharing isn't caring

Are users uploading and downloading company data to file sharing sites? See what sites they are using and decide which are acceptable and which should be blocked.


Save Money & Time

Easy as pie

Other assessments and network security evaluations are too expensive and take up valuable work time. Harbinger is hands off and affordable for every size network. Sorry, the only pie is in chart form.

A penny saved

The results of Harbinger tells you if you are throwing away money on solutions that don't work. It also tells you where to save money, showing wasted bandwidth on unnecessary network traffic.

It's your money

A malware outbreak and data breach cost money: stolen data, internal clean up, public exposure. Harbinger can inform you about existing compromises to minimize the cost of a long term breach.

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