DNS Filtering and Policy Enforcement

Valkyrie Valkyrie

Policy Management

Automatic Organization

Automatic organization of DNS traffic into 50+ categories.

Traffic Blocking

Traffic blocking by category with specific whitelist exclusions.

Summary and Detailed Information

Summary and detailed information on traffic for sites often considered against policy guidelines: gambling, adult, torrent, file sharing, etc.


Valkyrie is a DNS Security service that allows for enterprise policy management. Valkyrie provides reporting and control across a spectrum of categories; from Business Services and Entertainment, to Adult and Torrent activity, and dozens more. All categories are updated in real time and can be applied immediately to your network traffic. Valkyrie can categorize 90% or more of your DNS query traffic from day one of service. Once traffic is assigned to these easily understood and easily manageable categories, you can quickly choose what traffic to allow and what traffic to block.

Automatic Organization

Whether your concern is productivity, security, or you just want to have detailed data on your organization’s network traffic, Valkyrie will deliver network intelligence that can give you the power to make better decisions. Valkyrie has over 50 categories, giving you the granularity you need to avoid blocking something business critical.

All DNS traffic is automatically categorized, and new domains will be analyzed to acquire categorization, all without requiring user interaction. Awareness and categorization of a company’s traffic is important, but policy management tools can be difficult to deploy and time consuming to configure. Valkyrie requires little time and resources but delivers both useful data and advanced capabilities. Even if you have a policy manager in place, the intelligence gathered through Valkyrie is informative, actionable, and from a fresh network perspective.


Category Blocking and Whitelisting

Save on bandwidth, reduce your exposure to malware, prevent access to adware, adult content, or just use Valkyrie to observe what percentage of your traffic is for business purposes. Identify running software, risky or illegal behaviour and block anything instantly.

Change and add new category rules and block unwanted traffic for any category. Implement category wide blocking while easily whitelisting specific domains your company needs access to.

Choose a completely unique category rewrite configuration for each network. Allow Media Streaming and File Sharing domains on Network A, but not on Network B. Lock down Network B to allow only approved Software and Business Services domains while leaving Network A open to anything but Uncategorized domains. Configuration options are unlimited, but simple to setup and simple to change.


DNS Security Suite

Valkyrie focuses your field of view by categorizing 90% or more of your enterprise traffic. Add the Nemesis and Clarity components to create a more robust and complete DNS Security solution. Clarity provides insight into all your network DNS details, including query and return codes, geographic query distribution, TLD usage, IP data, and automated domain queries. Nemesis is a full service real time malware protection tool that analyzes your network traffic for suspicious and malicious traffic indicators. Respond to threats by blocking DNS traffic for command and control domains, and sites hosting malware or exploits. Stop phishing, fraud, spam, redirection, and attack domain communication automatically with Nemesis.

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